Hello Fourth Grade Scientists!

This year you will be studying many topics from the Colorado Assessment Standards for fourth grade science as well as a number of additional enrichment activities. The standards may be viewed by clicking on the link below.

Science Strand
4th Grade Content
Physical Science
1. Energy comes in many forms such as light, heat, sound, magnetic, chemical, and electrical.
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Life Science
1. All living things share similar characteristics, but htey also have differences that can be described and classified.
2. Comparing fossils to each other or to living organisms reveals features of prehistoric environments and provides information about organisms today.
3. There is interaction and interdependence between and among living and nonliving components of systems.

Earth Science
1. Earth is part of the solar system, which includes the Sun, Moon, and other bodies that orbit the Sun in predictable patterns that lead to observable paths of objects in the sky as seen from Earth.
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The Changing Earth

Schedule of 4th Grade Science Enrichment

Week of.....
September 9
What is science?

September 23

September 30
Study indicators of chemical reactions and complete a rotation of 4 mixtures to assess whether they involve chemical reactions.
October 7
Indicators of chemical reactions.
October 14
Using physical properties of materials to separate them from a mixture and conservation of mass, specifically using sand, salt, and water.
October 21
Physical and chemical properties.
October 28

November 4

November 11
Studying testable question format. Testing how water temperature affects the solubility of sugar.
November 18
Learning about the Science Fair procedure and doing projects. Scientific Method, testable question, and science process.
November 25

December 2
Students will identify and recognize energy forms and simple energy transfers using academic language and sentence stems.
December 9
Students will identify and recognize energy forms and simple energy transfers while completing an investigation involving a balloon attached to a bottle immersed in hot versus cold water, using academic language and sentence stems.
December 16
Investigating internal organs of fetal pigs and comparing them to those of humans through observation of fetal pigs and use of a model/puzzle of the human organs.
Winter Break